Board, Advisory Council and Volunteers

Board of Directors

Nubar Alexanian, Chair 
Ruth Thomasian, Founder & President

Advisory Council

Peter Balakian
Michael Gulbankian
Joan Irving, Winterthur Museum
Peter Karabashian
Maggie Mangassarian-Goschin, Ararat-Eskijian Museum


Photographers Advisory Council

Alexandra Avakian
Renee DeKona
Daniel W. Jones, Jr.
Garo Lachinian
Winslow Martin

Staff Volunteers

Linda Carroll, Archival Assistant

Jirair Libaridian, Archival Assistant
Daiga Lorena, Archival Assistant

Vedha Nathan, Archival Assistant

Hripsime Parsekian, Office Assistant
Ed Der Kazarian, Transportation

Volunteer Opportunities

Project SAVE Archives is grateful for the services of its dedicated volunteers.

If you love history and photographs and would like to know more about Armenian people and their culture, please consider volunteering at Project SAVE Archives.


We appreciate that when you volunteer, you want to learn new things and accomplish something meaningful. With thousands of fascinating photographs that reveal histories seldom told before, Project SAVE can help you fulfill these goals.


The following partial list outlines the range of Project SAVE's volunteer opportunities. Please think about what you might like to do - even if it is not on the list. We would love to hear from you.


Archival Assistant

  • scan photographs

  • catalog photographs into our PastPerfect Database

  • assist in creating virtual exhibits


Board of Directors Committees

  • Finance

  • Fundraising

  • Public Relations

  • Special Events Committee

  • Legal


Computer Systems Administrator

Calendar Production Assistant

  • Photo search

  • Editing

  • Proofreading

  • Marketing

  • Publicity


Data Entry Clerk


Transcriber of Oral History Tapes