Our Mission

We bring to light the culture and history of Armenians by making photographs and their stories, which otherwise would be lost, destroyed, or forgotten, available for public and educational use.


Project SAVE Armenian Photograph Archives, Inc. collects, documents, preserves, and shares images of all subjects and time periods relating to the Armenian people and the work of Armenian photographers.


We are dedicated to promoting the photographic heritage of the worldwide Armenian community.

Our Values

We aim to contribute to the community by supporting and collaborating with other historical, cultural, and educational organizations. 

Our Needs

In order to achieve our mission, we need additional full-time professional staff operating in a larger office space that meets archival standards for temperature and humidity control, and we need an endowment that will insure this professional care of our treasured collections.


“Project SAVE serves as a witness to history. As a writer, I am deeply concerned about the preservation of Armenian artifacts and images of our history from before and during the Genocide. For a great, ancient civilization that was nearly wiped off the earth in 1915, the reconstruction of our past is essential to our present and future.”

Peter Balakian, Pulitzer Prize-winning author

Our History


The Armenian people’s history dates back thousands of years. Located at the crossroads of Europe and Asia, invaded and ruled by foreign empires, the Armenians have kept their language, culture, and Christian faith through the millennia. In the late 19th century, Armenians began to demand greater freedom and rights while living under the crumbling Ottoman Empire. Under the guise of WWI, the new regime of the Young Turks systematically killed the Armenian male population, particularly the leaders, and drove the remaining women, children and elders from their homes and their lands into the Syrian Desert. 1.5 million perished in the Armenian Genocide.

As Armenians fled into exile and ultimately resettled around the world, they created a diaspora, establishing churches, schools, and business while contributing to society in their adopted communities.


In 1975, sixty years after the beginning of the Genocide, Project SAVE took up its mission to Salute Armenian’s Valiant Existence (SAVE) by listening to our elders, who were mostly Genocide survivors, speak through their photographs.


Unique in its mission, Project SAVE preserves the heritage of the dispersed Armenian people through photographs and memories of their lives in historic Armenia and throughout the world.


Each image is painstakingly documented and cataloged by our dedicated staff who spend hours interviewing photo donors. Together they document the photographs to the best of the donor's ability to provide names, dates and locations as well as stories about their lives, ancestors, and cultural details.

“The Turks tried to erase Armenian culture, and Project SAVE has not only preserved it, but celebrates it.”

Nubar Alexanian, Photographer and Documentarian