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Missionary Collection

We welcome you to explore our online collection of images from Christian missionaries and workers in the Near East Relief from 1900-1920s who observed and photographed the daily lives of the local population. 


These photos came to Project SAVE Armenian Photograph Archives primarily from two sources: descendants of missionaries, as well as descendants of students in missionary schools and orphans in Near East Relief orphanages.


Like others who have donated their photos to Project SAVE, they have entrusted us to document, catalog, preserve and protect these important historic images from loss, destruction, and being forgotten.


Many of these Missionary Collections were acquired in the 1980's and early 1990's, prior to the wide use of digital technologies. Today Project SAVE Archives is proud to make these collections available to the world.

We are grateful for grants from The Dadourian Foundation, The Bilezikian Family Foundation, and

The Souren Maroukian Charitable Trust. 

Since 1975, Project SAVE Archives has collected over 45,000 photographs of which 11,000 are currently digitized. Researchers from around the world are seeking images and information of this period for their fascinating projects.

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