Frequently Asked Questions

1. I have photos from the 1960s-1980s taken in the United States. Do you want them? 

Yes, Project SAVE Archives has no restrictions on time period or location. We collect photographs of Armenians and the places they have lived around the world. We also collect all work of Armenian professional photographers.

2. Could I loan my photos to Project SAVE and get them back after you’ve archived them? 

No, we accept permanent donations only. We no longer accept photos on a loan basis.

3. I can’t identify anybody in my photos. Do you want them? 

Yes, we collect unknowns — it’s our mission to honor the forgotten. We record names of people and places when available.

4. I have originals to donate. Will Project SAVE provide me with scans or prints for my own use? 

No, that is not a service we provide. If you desire copies, digital or print, please have these made before making your donation, and allow us to preserve the originals.

5. What happens to my photographs after I donate them?

We begin the archival process to make them available for public use.

6. Do you collect anything besides photos? 

Yes, we collect documents such as birth certificates, diplomas, business ledgers, and travel papers when they relate to the people in your donated photos.

7.May I donate my digital photos to Project SAVE? 

No, we are not yet equipped to accept or archive photos taken with a digital camera.

8.Do you accept copies of photos? 

No, as an archive, Project SAVE collects original photos only, not copies — neither copy prints nor digital copies.

9.Should I send my photographs by mail since I can’t bring them to your office? 

Yes please contact us for guidance and to insure that your photos arrive safely.